Anna Katherine



Wedding Party

Malea Howie

Maid of Honor

Malea was born in Anderson, IN and moved to New Orleans where she was recruited by the Loyola University Volleyball team. It was then that she met AK as a sophomore. AK instanly knew the two would be best friends. However, both would agree that although AK was older, Malea was the one that put AK "under her wing!" She received her Bachelors degree in Psychology, Masters in Criminology and Justice, and started on the volleyball team for four years. She currently lives in Parrish, FL with her two cats and boyfriend, Hunter of 2 years. Malea works as a Registered Behavior Technician serving kids with Autism and related disabilities, managing problem behaviors and teaching social and life skills.

Mylinh Bui


Ya’ll, this is Mylinh Bui, but everyone calls her Mimi. She and AK first met in their sorority girl days in Delta Gamma at Loyola. She knew from the first moment she met AK that she would be her dance partner for life. Little did they know that they would become the biggest supporters of each other and the absolute best friends. Since 2016, these two have shared many late-night memories from throwing it back on pool tables to crying over heartbreaks. After graduation, she stayed in New Orleans and is now studying to get into LSU Dental School. Mimi shared that she is so proud of the woman AK has become and beyond excited to help her put a RING on it. Mimi knows, “there’s nothing better than watching your best friend marry the love of her life.”

Jessica Crump


Their Jess! Anna Katherine and Jessica met when AK transferred her senior year in high school to join the Lady Jag Volleyball team. What started out as a fear of the other one competing for the same position, quickly blossomed into inseparability. In fact, Jess basically lived with the Brunini family that year. The only thing able to physically distance the two was college but ever since that amazing year, their hearts have been and always will be connected as family. Even the “boys” call her their sister! They found their way back to each other and now BOTH LIVE IN DENVER! These days, Jess is learning her way around mountain sports, cozying up to her cat, Pinto, and working in the Technology Industry.

Samantha Dupont


Sammie and AK have experienced so many of life’s “next steps” together! Sammie has known Anna Katherine since she moved to Jackson, MS in 2004. Their mothers introduced then to each other way back when “Mrs. Angie” was vice-principal of St. Richard Elementary when they came to tour the school. She was the first friend Sammie made when they moved to from Florida. The two friends remained close and journeyed together to St. Joseph Middle & High School and even followed paths to Loyola University in New Orleans. Sammie lives in New Orleans, LA. She is an artist who loves creating her art in the Big Easy, reading, and cuddling with her pets.

Arianna Gannon


Ari has known and loved AK since 2018 when they met and lived in Jordan during their junior year Study Abroad. She is currently pursuing a medical degree at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia. Ari reflects back, “I have been so lucky to glimpse the AK that I knew before Neil, a glorious, fiery wildflower. Then meet the AK falling in love with Neil, a blooming carnation. And now the AK ready to take on happily ever after with Neil, a radiant and enduring lily. I love them and the fur family that they have created with all my heart. Nothing excites me more than getting to stand up with AK during such an important moment in her life.”

Anna Kathryn Moorehead


From Barbie jeeps and ballet to wedding bells and adulting, “Brunini” and “Moorehead” have always had a special place in each other’s lives. The AK’s met as neighbors when they were just 4 years old which was the beginning of a lifelong friendship, not just themselves, but their mothers too. Vicki and Angie instantly began distinguishing the girls as such, and it stuck. It is hard to summarize this type of friendship into just a few words, but they are sisters. No matter the school, distance, or time, they make time for each other. Moorehead currently lives in Madison, MS and teaches 5th grade math and science. AK’s longest, childhood friend shares, “I’m beyond excited to be a part of this next chapter in her life and see her marry the love of her life.”

Lane Peterson & Maren Peterson

Flower Girl/Child

During the summer of 2018, AK lived with her Aunt Emily in Falls Church, VA where she played dolls, went swimming, and enjoyed many fun-filled sunny days with her two daughters, Lane and Maren. That time spent with their family really helped build a strong bond among AK and her neices. From jumping into volleyball and swimming, both Lane and Maren are energetic sweethearts that love to dance and sing. AK has enjoyed getting to watch the two sisters grow from shy little toddlers to outgoing, beautiful girls. AK fondly remembers her Aunt Emily's own wedding and then began dreams of her own. AK couldn’t be happier to have Lane and Maren be her flower girls on her very own special day.

Nate Shue

Best Man

Nate and Neil’s journey began as teenagers in boarding school. They managed to get into all sorts of trouble – the good kind and maybe a little of the bad. Both agree that their time spent up on the hill in New Jersey was one of the most formative times of their lives. They truly formed bonds that could ever be broken. Ever since, the boys have been there for each other at their best and their worst, through all the highs and all the lows. Their friendship knows no distance – they have been separated by a few floors and by a few oceans. It doesn’t matter! They have always known where to find one another. Nate boasted, “I am incredible honored to be standing next to this man, my friend, as he and his beautiful bride stride for the next step.”

Alex Brunini


Alex is Anna Katherine’s oldest and favorite brother. He is junior at the University of Mississippi and studying to earn his Bachelor of Science in Real Estate. He is a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity and a member of the Ole Miss Basketball Club Team. Alex loves watching his LA Dodgers, NOLA Saints, hanging out in the Grove in Oxford before watching the Rebels play, and of course, his BIG SISTER. His favorite memory of AK is when he was little and it was only the two of them. He loved nothing more than to bite and throw toys and AK would be the one to get in trouble! He now enjoys the benefits of his adventurous sister from visiting her in New York to Flagstaff. And now he is so excited that Neil and AK have moved to Denver and has already called dibs on the guest bedroom for this upcoming summer break!

Will Brunini


Will is Anna Katherine’s middle and favorite brother. If you ever want to find him, just head to the Madison Central High School basketball gym. He is currently a Junior and starting member of the MC Jaguar squad. Will also recently received a modeling contract with JEA Modeling Agency and is looking for the many opportunities that his talent may afford. Will loves nothing more than messing with his sister! However, he knows that she will always be by his side. He fondly remembers when he was much smaller that AK would pair up with him and they would try to wrestle Alex in their old Wright’s Mill home. He has always admired how much his sister loves everyone, especially those that have sharp teeth, big ears, furry tails and look very much like German Shepherds.

Jack Brunini


Baby Jack is Anna Katherine’s youngest and favorite brother. She would even argue that she is Jack’s 2nd mom since she was already 15 years and driving when he was born! Jack was only 2 weeks old when he was being passed around the stands at the softball fields “watching” his sister be a rock star athlete. Growing up in a family of athletes, Jack had no choice but to work and be the best in every sport he plays be it baseball, football, basketball, hopscotch… to prove that he can hang with his older siblings. When not playing a sport, Jack can be heard laughing on the phone playing video games with his AK. She has always made time for him despite not living under the same roof. He knows that she always makes him a priority no matter what time zone OR COUNTRY she is living in this month, she always takes his call.

Arlyn Lopez


Neil has been like a big brother to Arlyn since they first became friends through Blair Academy boarding school playing baseball together. Arlyn could not be more excited for his friend and sharing in this special time with him. Their friendship has been nothing short of great between hanging out and benefiting greatly from Neil’s wise life advice. Arlyn enjoys seeing how happy AK and Neil are together. He shared with us, “I am so glad that I get to be a part of this wedding, to be there for my almost-big-brother on his big day and every day.” He graduated from Hamilton College in New York and currently lives in Manhattan and works in Asset Management.

Tinashe Zimbwa


T and Neil met during their first year at Springhill College after moving from Zimbabwe. The two bonded through having quite a few mutual interests and sharing a similar class schedule. The two helped each other navigate college life. Some of Tinashe’s favorite college memories include the late night FIFA tournaments, doing Neil’s homework, and Neil’s love for the GOAT Future. He also graduated from Springhill with his B.A. in Financial Economics. He currently is a financial analyst in Nashville. Tinashe is very honored and proud to stand alongside Neil on his special day. He wishes Neil and AK all the best in their life together.

Myrick Knighton

Ring Bearer

Myrick is the oldest son of Jamie and Stuart Knighton. AK’s mother and Jamie became best friends when they first began learning and playing the game of tennis. The two friends have shared so many memories with each other on and off the court. Usually while laughing or crying, Angie and Jamie have been through it all since God put them in each other’s lives. Perhaps one of the best parts of their friendship has been the enjoyment “Gigi” gets by being an honorary aunt to Jamie’s young family. Myrick is actually big brother to triplets, Cruz, Stone, and Jeter. It has been refreshing for AK and her family have young children in their lives again and to help and watch them grow up.