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Anna Katherine and Neil

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Our Story

Long before Anna Katherine met Neil, she knew she wanted to travel. AK never played dress-up in a wedding dress or planned out the perfect day, but rather dreamed of traveling and writing. Her mother knew the day she left for Loyola University that she was going to do just that! She enjoyed the opportunities to travel for LOYNO volleyball all over the states including Miami, Denver, Dallas...and more. It wasn't until she spent a semester studying abroad in Jordan that she knew was meant to travel and explore the world. Little did she know, she would meet a man that had those same dreams and would soon be doing it right alongside her. Neil and AK bonded over traveling, baseball, goofing around, and always being able to make the other laugh.

In a place called Another Bar in New Orleans, AK remembers looking at Neil and deciding right then, he was the man she had dreamed of her whole life and never knew it. They shared their first kiss outside Bruno’s Tavern and never looked back. Within six short months, AK and Neil had adopted a puppy and set off on a month-long road trip across the country. From Mexico to Canada, they explored the west coast and their relationship.
Shortly after, the two moved to the Bronx, NYC where AK got her job at the Citizen App and Neil pursued his Master’s Degree at Alliance University. When COVID struck, the two of them fled to her hometown in Madison, MS. As soon as the travel ban was lifted, the two adventurers were off again, but this time to Anchorage, Alaska. It was here that Neil, retaught AK how to ski, a passion she fell head over heels for - probably due to her teacher. While the views were breathtaking, the two of them longed to return to the mainland and finally did for a short stint bouncing from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX.

Neil, who played baseball at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL when the two met, soon received an opportunity to play baseball professionally in Slovenia. AK eagerly followed when the restrictions allowed her to join him and she once again found herself living overseas. When Neil’s baseball career came to an end, they took a long vacation in Italy, traveling from Venice to Rome to the islands. Neil knew just how much this trip meant to AK, from the Italian heritage to the 6 years of Latin, she was overwhelmed with joy to be there. So when the two booked a weeklong stay at a resort at the Italian island of Sardengia, Neil planned out the perfect moment to propose. With AK’s toes in the sand of the beaches of Italy, he asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. The two immediately began planning and now live in Denver, CO where they own a house, three dogs, Voodoo, Sheffield, & COCO, and two cats, Suki and Doc.

Neil and AK are thrilled to have you be a part of their special day and cannot wait to start a life full of more travel, adventure and love with each other.